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Business consultancy

Stay up to date! Especially when it comes to your economic situation!


Together we analyze your company. 

Every now and then there are important phases in your business career in which external advice provides a better overview. ILBA supports you with quick evaluations, analyzes of your numbers and data and with practical recommendations for action.

We can also support you in business succession planning or in the event of a possible company takeover (Due Dilligence).

We also assist with liquidations and partial liquidations of your companies and take care of all the tasks that arise. For this purpose, we prepare liquidation balance, coordinate necessary audits and prepare the relevant resolutions. Even after liquidation, we remain the contact for authorities and third parties and can store your business documents in accordance with the legal deadlines


Our services at a glance:

  • Liquidations and partial liquidations of Luxembourg companies 

  • Retaining company files and answering any questions even after the liquidation is complete

  • Preparation of outstanding tax returns

  • Business succession planning

  • Company takeover  & -planning

“Those who always say “yes” make sales. Those who sometimes say “no” make profit.

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